DWU has a mature cross connection control program which has been an example for many other utilities.


FOG(Fats, Oils, & Grease) is one of the primary causes of stoppages, backups, upsets and overflows in a wastewater system. Grease buildup in the sewers also causes restrictions and capacity problems. DWU’s goal is to improve sewer service by reducing the impact of grease. This goal will be achieved through preventative maintenance and controlling FOG that enters our sewer system. The DWU Board of Directors adopted the FOG Control Program at their February 2015 board meeting. For more information click the link below


Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer mapping program consisting of several organized components. Global Positioning Systems (GPS), spatially referenced aerial photographs along with plotted shape files and geodatabases, allows computers to collect, store, analyze, and display data in a visual format. For example, a GIS can manipulate forecasting, planning and monitoring to show the households and businesses that may be effected by future construction within a community in relation to points of reference such as water valves and mains. Destin Water Users, Inc. currently has an ever expanding GIS. Approximately 95% of all our infrastructure has been located, collected and spatial referenced.

Hydrant Maintenance

Hydrant Maintenance is a cooperative effort between DWU and the Destin Fire Control District (DFCD). DFCD regularly tests hydrants and provides DWU with a list of any maintenance required.

Meter Testing

2″ and up meters are tested regularly for accuracy and either adjusted or replaced to bring accuracy to 98%+.

Safety Program 

DWU operates one of the most effective safety programs in the state.

Valve Exercising

Each valve in our system must be exercised every two years. DWU was one of the first utilities in Florida to be in compliance with this requirement. This program makes extensive use of our GIS system.

Water Conservation

DWU encourages everyone to act responsibly to conserve our water resources to help sustain them for the future. We invite you to browse the web sites below for hints, tips, suggestions on how we can all help.

Northwest Florida Water Management District

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Water Sense Program