Precautionary Boil Water Notice (PBWN)


The PBWN below was rescinded on Wednesday, March 16th at 7:15AM.

March 14, 2022

Destin Water Users issued a PBWN effective Monday, March 14th at 10:00am. The 8” water main serving the strip plaza at 14091 Emerald Coast Pkwy (Emerald Coast Center) was shut down to facilitate repairs to a broken 8” water main on private property.  See below for a map of the affected area. Pending sample results this PBWN should be rescinded on the morning of Wednesday, March 16th.

Precautionary Boil Water Notice (PBWN)

You may have heard about or noticed a significant increase in the number of precautionary boil water notices (PBWN) issued by Destin Water Users, Inc. and other local water utilities in the recent past. Does this mean that the quality and safety or our water has declined? Does this mean that DWU’s water mains are breaking more so than in the past? Absolutely not! Rather, changes in regulatory rules are now requiring that water utilities in Florida issue precautionary boil water notices whenever water service to an area has been turned off, if even for a short while. Why is the issuance of a PBWN required? When breaks or changes occur in water lines, the normal pressure in the line may be reduced or lost and the possibility exists for contaminants to enter that line. The odds of this happening are extremely remote, but to be extra cautious precautionary boil water notices are placed in effect while routine bacteriological sampling is conducted. Usually, two separate sets of samples are taken, each needing 24 hours to be considered complete. When both sets of samples come back “clean”, the precautionary boil water notice is lifted (or “rescinded”). These advisories only affect water that is intended for consumption or cooking.

For more information on PBWN click HERE

If you provide water to visitors or employees, use commercially produced bottled water for drinking or beverage preparation (coffee) during the PBWN. You should also take steps such as posting notices at, or disabling water fountains and ice machines. Foodservice operations have several additional requirements and should contact the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation at (850)487-1395 for specific instructions.

For more information on food industry requirements click HERE


DWU has emergency plans in place for hurricane response and will do everything possible to make necessary repairs in an efficient and timely manner. Should you experience either a loss of water service or a noticeable loss in water pressure during or after a hurricane, we recommend you take additional steps to disinfect any water intended for consumption or cooking until the water system is restored.

For more information on emergency disinfection of drinking water click HERE

Funding Our Future

DWU has identified needs to acquire land for future growth, replace aging buildings, infrastructure and equipment and convert to new technologies, some of which is due to new legislation.   These needs coupled with the rising cost of materials and labor necessitated a twelve (12) percent rate increase for water and sewer rates to pay for these improvements to serve our members.  The rate increase is effective with the January 2022 billing. To view the rates you can follow this LINK.

2022 Board of Directors Election

Destin Water Users, Inc. is a member owned not for profit cooperative utility. The business of the corporation is to construct, maintain and operate a water and wastewater system for its members. The business affairs of the corporation are overseen by a seven-member Board of Directors elected from the membership of the corporation. The Directors are elected to staggered three year terms. The Board members meet monthly to conduct their regular business and they also meet in special session from time to time to conduct business of the various subcommittees of the Board. The Directors receive no compensation for their services.
Elections for the Board of Directors are held annually by secret mail-in ballot. Secret ballots will be mailed out around the end of January and the election results will be announced at the annual meeting.
If you or someone you know is interested in serving on the Board of Directors, need details on how to nominate a director, or to download a Petition for Nomination, please see the forms listed below.

Crystal Beach Water Main Project

Destin Water Users will be installing a new 6” water line along the southern right-of-way of John Avenue from Crystal Beach Drive to Tarpon Street to replace an older 2” line.  The work is scheduled to commence the week of November 8th and it is anticipated to take four weeks to complete this project.  The work is being performed to upgrade the size of the existing water line which will improve water pressure and fire protection for this area.

During construction, traffic will be restricted while driving east and west along John Avenue.  Additionally, there will be days when the southern intersection of John Avenue with Stingray, Barracuda, Cobia, and Tarpon streets will be closed due to excavation to cross these streets.   We appreciate your cooperation as we complete these improvements to our water distribution system.  Should you have any questions or concerns about this project, please contact our office at 850-837-6146 and ask for our Field Operations Manager Steve Schmitt.

Blood Drive “You Have Greater Powers Than You Know!”

The Big Red Bus is coming to DWU for our next blood drive on Thursday, September 1st from 9:00AM-2:00PM.

To reserve your appointment click here.

OneBlood incentives include $20 E-gift certificates and Cancer Awareness T-Shirt & Socks for all donors.

If you’re unsure of your eligibility to donate click here for more information.

**You can donate whole blood once every 8 weeks (56 days) for a total of 6 donations per year.


Large Building Water System Start-up Guidelines

With the Safer-at-Home order issued by Governor DeSantis, short-term rentals were cancelled and water flow to condominiums decreased.  With the decreased water flow, it is possible that the water quality within these large buildings may have degraded.  To promote safe drinking water quality within these large building systems that may not have been used or only seen limited use for extended periods of time, we have posted guidelines on our website to assist  with assuring that your water supply is refreshed and safe for occupancy.  Please click this LINK to read the Large Building Water System Start-up Guidelines.  We hope this information is helpful and we stand ready to assist as needed.

Social Distancing Payment Options

DWU is doing its part by making sure customers are aware of all of payment methods. These social distancing methods can help protect yourself and help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

  1. You may visit our website at to make a credit card payment or pay by check as well, with no additional fees.
  2. You may call our office during normal business hours at 850-837-6146 to make a credit card payment over the phone, with no additional fees.
  3. You may also drop a payment in our drop box located at 218 Main Street.

 We are taking all precautionary steps to make sure our office is disinfected to our best ability. We encourage you to consider these options to help limit exposure.

 Thank you,

DWU Staff

U.S. Drinking Water and Wastewater Safe from COVID-19 virus

U.S. Drinking Water and Wastewater Safe from COVID-19 virus

In a statement released by EPA yesterday, the agency said:

“There is no higher priority for EPA than protecting the health and safety of Americans. EPA is providing this important information about COVID-19 as it relates to drinking water and wastewater to provide clarity to the public. The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking-water supplies. Based on current evidence, the risk to water supplies is low. Americans can continue to use and drink water from their tap as usual.

“EPA has established regulations with treatment requirements for public water systems that prevent waterborne pathogens such as viruses from contaminating drinking water and wastewater. COVID-19 is a type of virus that is particularly susceptible to disinfection and standard treatment and disinfectant processes are expected to be effective.”

Reclaimed Water Irrigation Schedule

Weekly watering times are indicated below: (Effective March 1, 2016)


Suggested Daily Watering Schedule

Based on the last digit of your address, please adjust your irrigation to one of these times on your watering days:


To confirm your reclaimed water service zone please see the map located HERE. These watering times are effective year round. However, DWU may leave mains open if excess water is available (winter and summer). For more information regarding our reclaimed water program click HERE

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Fred Mehlos, our Reclaimed Program Coordinator either by email at Fred Mehlos or by phone at 850-585-7297.

**PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE SHOULD BE NO WATERING FROM 10AM-2PM DAILY. Water used during this time is often wasted more than it is beneficial due to evaporation in the heat of the day.