George French Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) 

  • Design Capacity at 200 mg/l BOD is 6 mgd.
  • Treatment Process includes mechanical treatment with rotating screens, grit separation, and equalization basin.
  • Biological Treatment via 4 – 1 mgd and 1 – 2 mgd oxidation ditches followed by clarification.
  • Secondary disinfection with chlorine contact chambers.
  • Secondary effluent is then further treated to produce reclaimed water by flocculation, filtration, and high level disinfection with chlorine contact chambers.
  • Secondary effluent disposal to rapid infiltration basins. Reclaimed water is reused for landscape irrigation of shopping centers, condominium complexes, golf courses, parks, individual residences, and plant washdown and grounds irrigation.
  • Wet weather storage is provided by three ground storage tanks with 6.6 mg capacity.
  • Biosolids disposal is by land application.

Drinking Water

Where does your water come from?

The Floridan Aquifer supplies all drinking required by Destin Water Users, Inc. DWU operates five coastal wells. These wells are currently under mandated cutbacks. Additional water supply capacity is provided by a remote wellfield developed jointly with South Walton Utility Company, Inc. These inland wells are also completed in the Floridan. The combination of coastal and inland wells provide the capacity needed to supply the needs of our build-out population. DWU and SWUC recently completed a desalinization study that shows that method of water supply is very feasible. This particular study updated a similar study completed in 1997 and shows a definite decline in cost of the water and also firmly established the feasibility for the future.DWU has three elevated storage tanks and one ground storage tank. Together with standby power at our wells, capability to handle all peak hour and fire flow demands is available.

To review our latest water quality report click HERE

Reclaimed Water Operation

The majority of all wastewater returned to our wastewater reclamation facility is treated and sent back out for beneficial reuse. Most of this reclaimed water is reused for landscape irrigation with a significant amount being used each day for in-plant operations. The DWU reclaimed water operation began in 1985, making it one of the most mature operations in Florida.

New Irrigation Schedule Reclaimed Water Customers

Thank you for being a Reclaimed Water Customer of Destin Water Users. Each day DWU tries to provide an adequate supply of reclaimed water for customers to use throughout the year.  However, there are some challenging months where sometimes the demand for reclaimed water exceeds our daily supply.  A few years back, DWU developed an Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) system to provide additional storage to help offset those times when supply lags demand.  The ASR system has provided us with a more reliable supply to our customers.  However, in order to provide the supply when it’s needed, we must also store the water when we have excess available.

In an effort to better manage our reclaimed water system and provide you, our Customer, with a more reliable service, DWU will be implementing a new Reclaimed Water – Irrigation Schedule effective March 1, 2016. This new schedule will adjust the days of the week and watering times that you may be accustomed to.  This notice is to provide you with the new watering schedule so that you may have time to review it and make a plan to update your irrigation system controllers on the effective date of this change, March 1, 2016.

Attached you will find a map showing what “Zone” your property may be serviced from and a second sheet showing your new watering schedule. In addition to the new watering schedule, you will see a suggested schedule that will also allow for alternating water schedules with your neighbors to allow for better pressures at individual properties.  As a reminder, please schedule your yard maintenance activities to coordinate with your watering schedule.

Should you have any questions regarding this new schedule, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service at (850) 837-6146. To view the Reclaimed Water Irrigation Schedule click HERE or click HERE to see the map of the Reclaimed Water Service Zones. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to improve service to our reuse customers.


DWU uses custom software for its customer information system and billing systems. Bills are computed and mailed monthly. Currently all meters 2” and up are tested annually for accuracy.